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Our food is prepared so that it brings out the richness and essence of each ingredient. We choose the freshest ingredients to create spectacular dishes that are healthy and naturally delicious without added artificial flavors. Our pho broth is perfectly seasoned with exotic spice so that each bowl is complex and savory to the last drop. At Mignon, we create the food and our guests create sweet memories.




At Mignon, your culinary adventure is a never ending journey. Wrap your tongue in one of our hot tea or dive into a cup of robust Vietnamese coffee. Our drink menu also includes draft beers to complement your meal. Come to Mignon to fully experience the zest of Vietnamese cuisine.




At Mignon, we are always adding new dishes as seasonally fresh ingredients become available. We also travel back to Vietnam frequently to discover new cooking recipes from our family. Please check back often to see what’s new at Mignon.




Vietnamese cuisine utilizes a lot of nuts, spices, and herbs. Please inform your server when ordering if you have any food allergies. Our servers can recommend dishes or request special accommodations for our guests.


Check out our most updated menu. Click below.

Mignon Menu May 2020


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